What should I eat in Rome?

Rome kitchen is very tasty; it uses poor elements, but too often recipes outside Roma are destroyed by poor, very poor cooks. Please, do me a favour: try the right ones, and you’ll feel the difference.

** Pasta **

Cacio e Pepe – pecorino and black pepper: nothing else, please!

Gricia – guanciale and pecorino

Carbonara – eggs, pecorino, guanciale. Any other added element is an ERROR. No butter, no oil, no cream or other stuff

Amatriciana – tomatoes, guanciale and pecorino. Guanciale can be kept crispy or soft according to your taste. This is a recipe coming from Amatrice, a well known village close to Rieti that was struck by a terrible series of earthquakes in 2016

Rigatoni con la Pajata – a masterpiece of roman kitchen. Try it, then I’ll explain you what it it

Pasta col sugo di coda – use for rigatoni the sauce from Coda alla Vaccinara

Pasta e fagioli

Pasta e ceci


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