Time for dinner. But, where?

I want to share with you a list of places I tried myself and I go to .

Generally speaking, also in the city center most places aren’t for tourists only. Unless they propose you pineapple as a pizza topping or “Fettuccini Alfredo” – and it’s not Alfredo itself in Piazza Augusto Imperatore and you’re in the 60’s …

And if you want a pizza, please choose a pizzeria, and check they have a wood oven. It’s so important, you’ll see it.

Here you are some:

** Ristoranti **

Dar Nasone – roman kitchen, partly revisited, in a very smart environment, with one of the highest quality/price ratios. Maybe my favorite one. In quartiere Africano.

Da Teo and Da Mario – two good restaurants in Trastevere with roman dishes and the right price

Filetti di baccalà: a must go for a quick meal in Via dei Giubbonari. Suggested menu: filetto di baccalà, fagili con cipolla, puntarelle (if in winter, otherwise gallinella with the same topping) and fresh white wine. Trust me.

Ba-Ghetto – a very nice place in Ghetto with both roman jewish and middle eastern cuisine. In Ghetto you can also try any other restaurant in Via del Portico d’Ottavia, as Giggetto, one of the most famous. All worth a visit

Maccheroni in Via delle Coppelle is a trendy place right in the center. Always with a good kitchen

** Pizzerie **

The roman pizza is thin and tasty.  And you can’t miss supplì, fiori di zucca and filetto di baccalà as starters. 

Some good places to eat a very good pizza made our way at the right price:

Gallo Rosso – Pietralata

L’obitorio – Viale Trastevere

Da Baffetto and La MonteCarlo – Via del Governo Vecchio

Giacomelli – Prati


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