What’s Pizza?

In Roma you can try three different types of pizza (plus one), and each of them is worth trying.

The Pizza

Is the one all the world knows. You can have it in a Pizzeria (or even in a restaurant), it’s round and made in many different styles. In Roma it’s very thin. 

Pizza al Taglio

Around the town there are several “Pizza al Taglio”. They prepare different kind of pizza in trays, and you can buy and take away a square of pizza. Bianca, rossa, Margherita, with potatoes are the simplest and oldest. Now much more sophisticated recipes are available 

At a baker’s

At a baker’s you can buy pizza bianca and pizza rossa. Pizza Bianca is a plain one, and it’s beautiful when it’s still hot, sliced open with inside mortadella: Pizza e Mortazza really is a classic, but it’s not heavy and you never get fed up with it.


In latest years Pinsa got its place on the market. It’s close to pizza, but made with different flours and a different method. It’s lighter, and this allows to bear heavier garments 😉


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